Senin, 14 Agustus 2017

Hari ini seorang teman sharing his plan to propose my very bestfriend, what a happy news!!

Jika membahas tentang pilihan hidup, saya rasa tidak ada jawaban pasti apakah keputusan-keputusan yang diambil oleh seseorang untuk hidupnya benar atau salah, it's like a grey area. Banyak sekali hal-hal yang harus dipertimbangkan untuk menjawab pertanyaan ini. And besides we are not the one who can judge someone for his/her decision towards their life

Keputusan untuk memilih pendidikan yang seperti apa dan dimana, keputusan untuk bekerja dengan passion atau bekerja sekedarnya saja, keputusan untuk memilih pasangan hidup yang seperti apa, sampai dengan keputusan-keputusan mengenai kepercayaan apa yang diyakini.

Dan saya salut dengan orang-orang yang berani mengambil keputusan besar yang efeknya mungkin bisa membuat hidupnya berubah 180 derajat.  Lingkungan yang tidak mendukung, tantangan yang lebih banyak, pressure yang lebih tinggi, orang-orang yang mungkin dianggap akan selalu ada untuk support apapun keputusan yang kita ambil lenyap seketika. I'm sure it's not an easy thing. It's a good thing then if they can cope with those struggles.

Yes, life is that complicated tho ☺

Jumat, 07 Juli 2017

Genap Seperempat Abad

Kembali lagi sampai di tanggal 7 bulan 7, ya di hari itu saya genap seperempat abad. I don't know but i feel so excited for being 25. By being 25, I have to put this on my mind, that in the middle of the journey of being 20's to love myself is everything, fullstop! I feel so grateful in my early 20's i am sorrounded by amazing family and friends who are very supportive, who always encourage me to do better, to try new things, to believe pretty is not merely about physical appearance. I am excited to do new things, to meet new people, to try to live a healthy life, to promise to read more, and some things to do list on my 25 ☺ semoga bisa tercapai ya pelan-pelan.

Wishes untuk pasangan belum ada ya? 😁 tahun ini saya mau berusaha fokus dengan diri sendiri, berusaha untuk mengerti diri sendiri, berusaha untuk menerima dan mencintai diri sendiri, berusaha untuk menghargai diri sendiri. Saya percaya Allah akan mempertemukan saya dengan pasangan ketika saya siap, bukan hanya karena saya butuh. Mungkin ketika semua itu sudah bisa saya lakukan, dan saya bertemu dengan pasangan saya, i dont have to depend on him for being happy. Haha saya merasa tulisan saya semakin hari semakin menunjukan kalau umur saya bertambah. Being old is an exciting journey, embrace it! Happy 25! 👌

Jumat, 26 Mei 2017

Quarter Life Crisis


The time when you finally home, and suddenly feeling blue. A mix feeling, i just can't describe it.

I got an interview today, and i ruined it. The thing is offering ini datang ketika saya sudah mantap memutuskan untuk fokus di tempat saya bekerja saat ini, because it seems promising. Jadilah saya tidak mempersiapkan interview dengan baik, its like nothing to lose. Sampai ketika selesai interview, muncul nama bos baik hati di layar handphone,i thought he asked something related kerjaan. And taraaa he bring a surprise!! There-is-NO-INCREAMENT-THIS-YEAR, DANG!! 🙃 dan siangnya lo baru merusak kesempatan. I dont know, but i do feel sad, the feeling when you think you've done much but you dont feel appreciated.

This person been in my head these past few weeks, i need this kind of person, i do feel i want do better since i knew him. But it happen to be a mutual feeling ☺ maybe i expect to much. Menginjak umur 25 ini saya mulai merasakan the need of someone, to share, to laugh with, to travel with. Berat ternyata being single ketika umur semakin bertambah. Untuk hal satu ini sepertinya hal paling bijak yang bisa saya lakukan adalah dibawa dalam doa, and let god do the rest.

Entah kenapa 2 hal diatas membuat saya semakin merasa insecure. Ketika saya sudah merasa yakin, lalu ternyata semuanya berubah. Ketika saya merasa 'he is the right person' tetapi yang bersangkutan tidak merasa demikian membuat saya bertanya-tanya ada apa dengan saya? apa hal salah yang saya lakukan? Saya sedang dalam tahap lelah, too much surprising things. And there's no one to share, and i just can't share this even to my best, that's why i need someone who i fully trust.

Selasa, 23 Mei 2017

Mr. Right (?)

"Timing is something that none of us can seem to get quite right with relationship" yes true so just dont ever think it would be perfect if only i met him before bla bla bla, or it may be work if only i did bla bla bla that day. The thing is Anggita my honey, the people we meet at the wrong time are actually just the wrong people, fullstop. Let it go.

Jumat, 28 April 2017

A Ghost From The Past

Kalo kata Pablo Neruda: “Love is so short, forgetting is so long.”

Dang!! Chat malam ini dari mantan, yang tadi sore tiba-tiba muncul dikantor bawa sekotak ice cream sebagai permintaan maaf karena sudah membatalkan janji makan siang.

Oh well, sepertinya saya sudah tidak aneh dengan sesuatu yang serba tiba-tiba. Seperti tiba-tiba pergi, lalu tiba-tiba kembali lagi, dan tiba-tiba mengirimkan chat ini. It makes me feel like a joke and annoyed and disgusted at the same time.

Mungkin dia lupa, kita sudah sama-sama dewasa, manisnya ice cream sudah tidak cukup lagi untuk menghapus pahitnya rasa kecewa.

The feeling when he left you unsaid, and you know he already has a new girlfriend, then years later he came to you said that he is sorry for the thing he did to me back then, and now he think that i can feel the same thing again.

Ehehehe MAJOR BULLSHIT of 2017 🙃

Rabu, 05 April 2017

Wednesday, april 5th. One of infamous Bee Gees's song how deep is your love is playing on the radio. Its 11 at night, the best time to think again what's been on my mind and what did i do these past few weeks. The above words are pretty much sum up what happened lately. There here is, being too scared to do something new has been my biggest problem, the thing that makes me stuck in one place, and i'm pretty aware of it. I missed a job opportunity, beacuse of my fault, overthinking the pointless thing, not focus, and ruin it, a very good job :). Yea well next time i will remember either it will work or it won't, THAT'S LIFE ANGGITA. Dont overthink! Dont underestimate yourself! Just do it, believe in yourself!

Senin, 26 September 2016

Stop doubting. Stop overthinking. Life is happening and dont waste it wishing it was different. If you want change make a change.

Pretty sum up of how i feel lately. I scared. Scared of change. Of thinking where to go, of thinking im not good enough to be able to change, of thinking that i dont have any particular skill im good at, and bla and bla. Yes, i do overthinking, i'm too scared to make a step, to make a mistake.

Meanwhile, my friends are one step ahead, they start to know where they have to go or what they want to do.

I do really need a support system, and i know i have to build it within myself. Hhhhh........ this too shall pass anggita.